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Pronunciation: 'li-m&-rik, 'lim-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Limerick, Ireland
: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba.

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Not sure of the meter? Sing the limerick to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if it flows correctly.

Contributions that do not have the correct meter or rhyme will be removed — in a kind and caring fashion, of course. :-)

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There once was a girl name Yasmine        (Anon.)

HINT: Second line should have 6, 7, 8, or 9 syllables and the last syllable should rhyme with the last syllable of line 1.

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Archive (latest 50 limericks) 

bijoux is a dog        (Anon.)
she likes to sit on a log        (Anon.)
when she plays with her toys        (Anon.)
she invites boys        (Anon.)
she also invites frogs        (Anon.)

Lol was the name        (Anon.)
Teacher        (Teacher)
there was an old fellow named        (mick)
its a dog thats a boy.        (bijoux)
and she also has a toy thats a frog        (Anon.)

een was eens een maagt uut haacht        (yari)
he like to play bass        (Anon.)
All work and no play        (Anon.)
james        (Messi)
can say        (Boo)

There once was a lady from France        (Sarah)
Who had a favorite pair of pants        (Anon.)
It was her favorite color: blue        (Anon.)
the once was game of shit        (where eric)
she had fast hands        (smurf)

er was eens een jongen uit rheeze        (jestin)
There was a girl named        (Lola-Sophia)
Emily        (Custard)
Emily        (Anon.)
kymberlyanne        (kim)

There once was a lesbian called nicole        (Anon.)
who liked love in every hole        (Anon.)
her motive was pleasure        (Anon.)
and cocks were her treasure        (Anon.)
and not population control        (Anon.)

Why do the students protest        (Anon.)
His tudor rose he did love        (Anon.)
Jennifer        (Anon.)
frackerty frack frack fuck        (king)
ok..?        (idk)

There once was a man from india        (Cameron)
He loved to eat pundit        (Anon.)
witness care        (cheryl)
There once was an Elf named        (Tad)
who couldn't use his        (Ipad)

old miss kisss        (izzie)
stylus pen        (Anon.)
Jack        (Jill)
Cunts        (Bob)
Cunts        (Bob)

There was a man from lumping        (Cole)
There once was a girl named Meg        (Anon.)
Who never went to college        (Bronte)
Mason        (Anon.)
Slut        (PENISLICKER)

fuck up        (dickeater)
there once was a man named        (kevon)
cenk        (penis)
STFU        (Anon.)
Cunts        (Bob)

We have a $lut named Dovey        (Justin)
And very order he has to obey        (Anon.)
He hates chick$        (Justin)
But loves the dicks        (Anon.)
I think he sucked four today        (Cole)

I knew man made of brass        (Justin)
He liked to take it in the @ss        (Cole)
He loved to be bent        (Justin)
And take a huge dent        (Justin)
Then hitler killed him with gas......fuckin jew        (Anon.)

There once was a man named buck        (Cole)
He spent the day screwing a duck        (Anon.)
He had some fun        (Cole)
Until he was done        (Cole)
When he tried to pull out he got stuck        (Justin)

there once was a man called jon arter        (Anon.)
His junk smelled like a bowl of tarter        (Cole)
When he was cummin        (Cole)
There girls went runnin        (Anon.)
Cunts        (Bob)

There once was a doctor named        (Johnny)
Who thought his pecker was quite        (Brawny)
Much to his        (dismay)
He heard his wife        (say)
Wow that thing is sure        (scrawny)

There once was a doucebag named        (Tony)
There once was a doucebag named        (Tony)
Henk        (Tamara)
Ken        (Anon.)
rosettta        (flur)

There once was a boy named ray        (Anon.)
Who would eat barrels of all the hay        (Anon.)
He got up in the night        (Anon.)
With a terrible fright        (Anon.)
To scared to reply        (Anon.)

There was a gay guy who lived in Khartoum        (Mike)
Took a lesbian up to his room        (Mike)
And they argued all night        (Mike)
Over who had the right        (Mike)
To do what, and to which, and to whom        (Mike)

There once was a man called Mick Reynolds        (Bridey)
Whose teeth were like diamonds & emeralds        (Mike)
When he tried to talk        (Mike)
People round him would flock        (Mike)
Cause he'd spit out ten cents for each nickel        (Mike)

On the seventh, I'll turn twenty-nine        (Anon.)
With this limerick, I ask for your time        (Anon.)
A request I submit        (Anon.)
For a song most fit        (Anon.)
To dance, to hum & to mime        (Anon.)

There once was a girl from Cornwall        (Anon.)
California        (Amanda )
There once was a man called        (Ched)
I am so swag        (Eamo)
australia        (pannav)

There once was an elf        (Anon.)
who made lots of times        (Anon.)
shooting down        (Kamil)
shooting down        (Kamil)
Penis        (Shannon)

There was a young boy called        (Marcus)
benny        (Anon.)
he stood upon a penny        (Anon.)
until he saw many        (Fabs )
rudge        (Anon.)

the guy below me is wierd        (not wierd guy)
the guy above me is racist        (wierd guy)
crooked pollie called        (abbott)
fuck yo goddamn couch        (Anon.)
Stfu        (Ass)


There once was aguy who wouldnt come out of the closet        (Anon.)
a guy**        (lol)
DONT JUDGE ME        (Anon.)
oh mah gawd guys stawp        (guy who wont come out of closet)
lol        (lol)

There once was a Dutch guy called        (Tys)
what is this        (hashim)
what?        (Anon.)
lol        (Anon.)
all about that bass        (Anon.)

there once was a girl from japan        (Anon.)
who ate chinese fried rice        (Anon.)
there once was a boy names jon        (loli)
steph        (Anon.)
There once was a girl called gemma        (Anon.)

There was a lady called Kath        (Anon.)
Janet        (Anon.)
There once was a Captain named Paddock        (Anon.)
Who had a face like a haddock        (Anon.)
he was so blue        (anon)

There once was a house called mcnab        (Anon.)
he said houses        (Anon.)
weren't so fab        (Anon.)
there was a girl called sandie        (Anon.)
there was a girl called sandie        (deb)

Kids bolting out the door        (Babyboy123)
Some even crawling on the floor        (Babyboy123)
Trying to get out of this crazy place        (Anon.)
But, they better keep up the pace        (Anon.)
Because , this can be quite a bore        (Babyboy123)

there onve was a sex god called        (Christian)
jesus        (kylebroeassfucker2000)
who ate a dick hoe bitch        (Anon.)
marriage        (barry)
knkwenfasjdf        (asdasdsad)

There once was a fucker named Henry        (Anon.)
There was a young trio called the Ukes        (Anon.)
There once was a fellow called matt        (Anon.)
stick        (nick)
and that was end if the sex session        (christian)

one day i made myself poo        (bob)
your a slut        (adfs)
fdfashg        (gfhdhg)
adsfghjkl        (fa)
chkgcyfytckckhgcjhgc        (ssssssssssssssss)

There once was a guy named Mike        (Anon.)
Who tried to ride his bike        (Michele)
He was tired and fell        (Michele)
He almost tripped in the well        (Michele)
Mike won't be riding his bike        (Anon.)

i am a big old handsome boy        (libdawgthebigdawg)
who has a big old smelly toy        (libdawgthebigdawg)
my name is jdawg        (Anon.)
as i go for a jog        (libdawgthebigdawg)
because i have a pet doy        (Anon.)

It saw an old man play a fiddle        (McRhyme)
And always had "o" in the middle        (McRhyme)
Rhythmically swaying back and forth        (McRhyme)
East west south and then north        (McRhyme)
Can you solve this most musical riddle?        (McRhyme)

There once was a man named Barry        (Anon.)
Who's face was so terribly harry        (McRhyme)
There was no looking back        (McRhyme)
'Cause it provided his snack        (McRhyme)
And caused such an interesting query        (McRhyme)

Sara was a boy        (Anon.)
A girls name was Troy        (Anon.)
tutti        (Anon.)
win individually        (Anon.)
There was a        (Twinkle)

There was once a woman called June        (June)
who absolutely loved prunes        (Anon.)
She was eating one day        (Jugaad)
I might sound cliche        (bum)
but got hit in the head by a spoon        (Anon.)

There once was a girl named pearl        (Pearl)
And everyone watches her twirl        (Anon.)
and dancing to the blues        (Anon.)
I met Shawn in Japan        (Anon.)
Chloe        (Anon.)

i have a friend called Lise        (marisa)
whose ginger hair is a pleaser        (Anon.)
she is passionate        (Anon.)
and a fascinate        (Anon.)
my old friend lise        (Anon.)

porn        (west side)
lol        (Anon.)
xD        (lolol)
bodil40        (troll face)
sji, nbyvbhno,l;'        (Anon.)

Iniquity        (Anon.)
Budapest        (Jame)
There once was a girl named        (Nao)
poo        (lol)
poo        (poo)

Martyn        (Beeds)
Leeds        (Beeds)
Farting        (Beeds)
hey hey its my birthday        (thumper)
helen        (Anon.)

There was once a vagina named        (Pussy)
there once was a women named        (Pennie)
Who's pen is was huge        (Anon.)
Sally        (Anon.)
Simon        (Si)

there once was a boy names mike        (Anon.)
there once was a boy named mike        (Anon.)
Her birthday is Friday        (Lindsey)
Steve        (Anon.)
until the day that i die        (Leah)

There once was a girl named Rowan        (Anon.)
She made friends with some no-one        (Murdoc)
He said dear I love you        (Annie)
To you I will be true        (Anon.)
there once was a boy named        (lou)

There once was a girl named kayleigh        (Anon.)
there once was a girl named sarah        (circo)
Mike        (Fluffles)
On a beautiful        (Aaron)
I smoke crack        (west side)

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