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Pronunciation: 'li-m&-rik, 'lim-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Limerick, Ireland
: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba.

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Not sure of the meter? Sing the limerick to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if it flows correctly.

Contributions that do not have the correct meter or rhyme will be removed — in a kind and caring fashion, of course. :-)

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There once was a girl named Kru        (Kru)
carla        (Anon.)
The was a young pub called The Commissioners Quay Inn Commissioners Quay        (Anon.)

HINT: Fourth line should have 4, 5, or 6 syllables and the last syllable should rhyme with the last syllable of line 3.

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Archive (latest 50 limericks) 

My name is Alease        (Alease )
my name is jodi        (jojo)
and I love Warner TV        (Anon.)
it makes me giggle till I want to pee        (Anon.)
There once was a girl named kru        (Kru)

There once was a mother named Dalia        (Anon.)
There once was a bride named        (Leslie)
Sharon        (Anon.)
there once was a girl named        (galpino)
And she was always happy        (hayley)

There once was a man named        (Trickett)
Who's life was a golden ticket        (Anon.)
Josh        (Bubba)
he thought he was rich        (Anon.)
Goggles        (Josh)

I'm starting sixth grade at Cleveland        (Karina)
my science teacher is named Nielson        (Anon.)
For Language Arts is Ek        (Anon.)
My agenda I check        (Anon.)
And if I'm absent, I need a reason        (Anon.)

There once was a girl called        (Lou)
Who married a guy called Darren        (Anon.)
There once was a dog on        (Roads)
There once was a man named        (Ernie)
There once was a girl called        (Emma)

There once was a gal called        (Liv)
Mel        (Anon.)
M25        (Darford Crossing)
Bugged        (Anon.)
Mac        (Mac)

There was once a        (Blue bird)
writer who struggled        (Anon.)
to write some poetry        (Anon.)
Victoria        (Tori)
judy marriage spaniel cherish pie        (Anon.)

There once was a new boss called        (Ade)
There once was a fella named        (Brady)
Who married himself a fair        (lady)
Stuart        (Anon.)
There was once a        (Blue bird)

contractor        (howard)
patch        (server)
time        (notification)
crashed        (excitation)
Thomas        (Alex)

there once waus a flunkie named lilwhopp        (Anon.)
whose decision to stay long was a flop        (Anon.)
after getting up from chazz's glory hole and wiping his chin        (Anon.)
he had to admit after much chagrin        (Anon.)
who was conviced staying long would put him on top        (Anon.)

There once was a girl named Laura        (Froggy)
Whose interest was flora and fona        (Anon.)
There once was a girl named        (Chloe)
Harambe        (Harambe)
lilwhop        (lilwhop)

There once was a girl name        (Asa )
Laura        (Anon.)
who was so        (Brady)
Much weirder        (Anon.)
Than a young boy named JOHN CENA        (Anon.)

There once was a girl named Robyn        (Anon.)
There once was a girl named Eva        (eva)
There once was a bard named        (Tucan)
Who was old        (Moley)
There once was a girl name Ada        (Anon.)

And a big "A"        (Anon.)
B. G A        (Anon.)
Please open da refrigerator door        (Anon.)
Or or        (Anon.)

Yo        (Anon.)
Yo        (Anon.)
You already you know        (Anon.)
Capital "B"        (Anon.)
With a lower case "G"        (Anon.)

henry was late for his test        (wunnai)
But he still tried his best        (Anon.)
And he actually came first        (Anon.)
While the others kicked dirt        (Anon.)
The End        (Anon.)

Young gymnast        (Andrew)
At work he made many friends        (AM)
He announced his departure        (AM)
While holding a karcher        (AM)
Slowly going round the bend        (Anon.)

Ashlee        (Ash)
There was an old man called        (Russell)
Pokemon go        (Andrew)
Surrey        (Andrew)
Heave Ho        (Andrew)

There once was a guy from van nuys        (Nuys)
Every day he played        (Games)
But when he lost        (Snakes )
The        (Fame)
Damn        (Lame)

You've heard of the Baskerville Hound        (Dr. Watson)
Whos bum was very boney        (Romi)
But whenever he lost        (Anon.)
The        (Tony)
Bolony        (Anon.)

The parents are dancing with glee        (Nothingbutlimericks.blogspot.com)
They're happy as happy can be        (Nothingbutlimericks.blogspot.com)
The kids? Full of sorrow        (Anon.)
For school starts tomorrow        (Nothingbutlimericks.blogspot.com)
Their weekdays are no longer free.        (Anon.)

There was four girls from luga        (Punting)
Who names were Charlotte, Sheby, Rana and Luna        (Limerick Maker)
Do luga and Luna rhyme?        (Lear Rollingingrave)
Certainly not at this time        (Lear Rollingingrave)
Let's start over        (Anon.)

MEMES        (MLG)
THEY R SO MLG        (Anon.)
ITS TIME FOR A 420        (Anon.)
AND A 360        (Anon.)
NO SCOPE!!!!!        (Anon.)

There once was a girl who loved cats        (Anon.)
there once was a writer called will        (Anon.)
There once was a lad named        (Paddy)
There once was a fella named john        (White rabbit )
There was once a guy who ended this limerick        (Limerick Maker)

Too many noisy kids in the lodge        (Graham)
A fine ski tube lunch should provide a dodge        (Graham)
Like a moth to a flame        (Anon.)
Or like snow that is rain        (Anon.)
Graham must bear 100 percent of blame        (Anon.)

There was once a gamer        (Limerick Maker)
Who wanted to buy a controller        (Limerick Maker)
He earned lots of money        (Limerick Maker)
And danced quite funny        (Limerick Maker)
After he saw the jealous haters        (Limerick Maker)

there once was a man named greg        (Anon.)
he had an injured leg        (cherie)
Food mood good        (Rodrigo)
living in the hood        (Reggie)
He somehow learned to walk again!        (Limerick Maker)

Once was a lawyer        (Spartan)
He can help you sue        (Shane)
there was a snail on someone elses trail        (Arty)
Happy 30th Birthday        (Jon)
Can't wait to be your student!        (EF)

There once was a plant that could feel        (Anon.)
The plant needs to sense it's own meal        (Anon.)
The fly gets on his mouth        (Anon.)
And now he can't get out        (Anon.)
The fly had the fly traps appeal        (Anon.)

There was an old man called rob        (Rob)
qweqweqwe        (qwe)
the winter days are near        (Anon.)
There once was a young lady called        (Sarah)
Therereefufvbjydc        (Anon.)

I once knew a girl named sara        (Anon.)
we became best friends        (Anon.)
i once knew a man name ben        (Anon.)
Op.        (Anon.)
Fuck ur mom        (Anon.)

How does this work        (What)
Fuck ur mom        (Anon.)
Fuck ur mom        (Dick)
Jk in ur cock        (Anon.)
Sam went home to poo        (Sam)

there once was a girl who lived in Ardrossan,        (Anon.)
who became our friend and was really awesome.        (Anon.)
She was happy        (Iridium)
came to pick his blueberry        (Anon.)
That trollololol named colin        (Colin)

Dan dan the ice cream man        (Anon.)
Dan the same        (Poop)
she felt like a tease        (Anon.)
you should seen the other guy        (Anon.)
Adam        (Anon.)

The once was a fingerprint in        (Bomps)
The same eye with a glint in        (Bomps)
For fast ladies        (Bomps)
Alas, he's in prison        (Bomps)
Bill sold out by Hillary Clinton        (Bomps)

It's your birthday        (LJ)
happy birthday        (alan)
In her eye was a glint in        (Bomps)
For all the ladies        (Anon.)
Left by Bill Clinton        (Anon.)

Thanks for the gauntlet my dear        (Anon.)
Happy Birthday        (Martyn)
When he met a word        (Joan)
There was a young man called toby        (Anon.)
It's your birthday        (LJ)

There once was a tester, Chris        (Anon.)
His day rate took the piss        (Anon.)
The work was concise        (Anon.)
and very precise        (Anon.)
Although he shut down and gave it a miss        (Anon.)

The real elizabeth autobiographie        (Anon.)
a girl named tallulah        (tallyhoe)
a man named gary        (Anon.)
dwdwadadawd dwdwdwd wdwd wd d        (Anon.)

There once was a man named        (Martin)
Win tickets to Electric Picnic        (Committ)
getting older not wiser        (Mary)
share the post to        (win)
see the band do their thing        (Anon.)

It was Bernd who walked in the woods        (Das)
Paula        (Anon.)
She had had golden hair        ((Anon.))
Olympic        (Cam)
James        (Anon.)

There once was a man named        (willy)
Who liked ti eat        (Chilli)
He had a        (Duck)
Who loved        (trucks)
His best friends name was        (Billy)

there once was a girl call spiv        (Anon.)
she had no nanny        (annie)
there once was a girl from hull        (richie)
There was a young man called        (Carl)
There once was a man named        (willy)

there once was a man from kerfala        (who had an unhealthy obsession with nala)
There once was a gal from Claremont        (Niki)
There once was a girl called sarah        (Anon.)
Farer        (Tom)
The once was a boy name Johnson        (Anon.)

There once was a bird and a chicken        (Anon.)
sonic and tails are gay        (Anon.)
Robert        (Anon.)
Rob        (Anon.)
there was a young lady called Joanne        (Jim)

There was a young girl called        (Gilly)
Deborah        (Debby)
Ebola        (Canny)
Shed        (Andy)
Megan        (Anon.)

In 1951        (Vince)
Vince's life begun        (Anon.)
immy        (immy)
lava        (Anon.)
There was a girl called        (Gilly)

I matched with a girl called sarah        (Anon.)
joanne        (joanne)
There once was a girl named Anya        (Anon.)
A man with five arms        (Anon.)
Carl Frampton world champion        (Anon.)

A birthday boy named Mike        (Anon.)
Karl and Hayley        (Anon.)
A birthday boy named        (Harry)
Michael        (Anon.)
Matched with a girl called sarah        (Anon.)

Hen do        (Sarah)
cousin        (Anon.)
Angie        (Anon.)
Met a young lady called sarah        (Ross)
and realized it was only a dream        (Bozza)

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