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Pronunciation: 'li-m&-rik, 'lim-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Limerick, Ireland
: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba.

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Not sure of the meter? Sing the limerick to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if it flows correctly.

Contributions that do not have the correct meter or rhyme will be removed — in a kind and caring fashion, of course. :-)

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Everyone should love calcium        (Anon.)
There was was a kid name        (Pere)
Who live to dance        (Anon.)
There was a lady called berry        (Anon.)

HINT: Fifth line should have 6, 7, 8, or 9 syllables and the last syllable should rhyme with the last syllable of line 2.

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Archive (latest 50 limericks) 

rhys is dumb        (Anon.)
he has a big thumb        (Anon.)
he is also cool        (bfhm,)
like a pool        (fdnz)
rhfgrhdjs, umb        (bvfhjs)

peeker cow was eating grass        (Anon.)
he had some gas he had to pass        (Anon.)
he did it real loud,        (Anon.)
he made ick all around,        (Anon.)
then he caught a bass        (eeeeek)

vail is guyinapropreate        (Anon.)
he loves tto eatt a pear        (Anon.)
pear and guyinapropreate don't rhyme        (Anon.)
but who cares        (Anon.)
oh well, i guess i'm done        (Anon.)

oliver is a lem        (Anon.)
he is a lem        (Anon.)
he is a lem        (Anon.)
he is a lem        (Anon.)
and he is also a lem        (peeek)

i love chiking to pike        (Anon.)
bagel and wiiiiiiiiiiiike        (Anon.)
lemons and guys,        (Anon.)
eat all the pies        (Anon.)
i cant belive you said chike        (Anon.)

There once as a lady called        (Corrine)
eeeeeeek        (peeek)
cheek        (Anon.)
wike        (Anon.)
pedeleek        (Anon.)

my name is guy        (HI GUYS!!!)
and I like pie        (HI GUYS!!!)
I also really hate my tie        (H)
goodbye        (H)
Corrine        (Snowflake)

There once was a fellow called        (Harry)
Who liked to much on a snack        (Jack)
He carried it on his back        (Pais)
hviufdkh        (gyregfyues fhuk)
hello people!!!        (HI GUYS!!!)

There once was a man called Pat.        (Anon.)
he was going to sit on a mat        (Anon.)
Then fur so sleek        (Anon.)
tickled his feet        (Anon.)
So he noticed he was near a cat!        (Anon.)

There once was a husband named Adam        (Anon.)
There once was a girl named Beau        (Anon.)
beau was a cat        (Anon.)
she was very fat        (Anon.)
then she stubbed her toe!        (Anon.)

HHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        (bvfhesiylgelifsu)
hu        (doy)
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        (bhfvae,j)
the        (bgvdsk dkujx)
There was once a boy named pat        (Ken)

Shadow hill is a ripe banana        (Anon.)
hvjdgskcbnd        (Anon.)
BAD BLOOD = HBV jcsmakd bnzjkdfx, bdkj,.,m BAD TAYLOR        (Anon.)
FORKS        (Anon.)
SPOONS SPORKS        (Anon.)

E=mc2        (Anon.)
BOBBY!!        (Anon.)
AHHHHHH        (Anon.)
come down for dinner TACOS        (Anon.)

BLAH BLAH BLAH        (Anon.)
hi am joe        (Anon.)
i hate poney but I love MACCORONI! gcbdysukafviudxb vjgef        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
i am sorry that i hate joe        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
YOU ARE SOOOOO MEAN        (Anon.)

fhbadkjldfhkjh I LIKE CATS! MEOW! cats        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
mats mats mats mats mats pillow and pretzle stick mats        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
Fart Dart Super Mark GVCGKHBLJ V        (Anon.)
Stop man gut thing!!!        (HI GUYS!!!)
Yanky doodle went to town riding on a poney took his hat and randomly he yelled out MACARONEY        (Anon.)

My name is Joe        (Anon.)
I have to go and mow        (Anon.)
i like cake HI GUYS! CATS!!        (HI GUYS!!!)
something something mats        (HI GUYS!!!)
eafnefskkshfdjserhjshsruufushujrhjeiuhfuheuh Gold digger Bow!        (khucehwab)

there was a cat        (HI GUYS!!!)
who had a hat named kablamatt        (HI GUYS!!!)
he played with a dog        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
who was glued to a log        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
I like hfbaskjfbvhd like hat        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)

ther once was a guy        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
He likes pie        (n)
he would sweat all day        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
like a dog        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
And a frog like cat        (Anon.)

I once wore a pretty blue dress        (MACY PIE GIRL)
As I wore it I made a big mess        (MACY PIE GIRL)
it messed up my brother        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
it also messed up my mother        (bvfhaeirlsfiles lv)
My friend is named Bess        (fgnmxhjkudifevjrkubygs 54w)

Went up, up, up, and then down        (Anon.)
old man rode to the north pole        (Anon.)
he has made it to Santa's        (Anon.)
This is the wrong one        (Anon.)
goodbye now        (Anon.)

Have fun        (Layfon )
ambuloctus        (Anon.)
hold it in        (Anon.)
Looked like a clown        (Anon.)
Look like a clown        (Anon.)

I entered a contest to bake        (Mei)
But it was too hard to make a cake        (Anon.)
So I looked for a recipe to make a pie        (Anon.)
But baking a pie was Hader then tieing a tie        (Anon.)
So from this I learned that I will never bake        (Anon.)

as the pri projec comes to a close        (Anon.)
I here was a young girl named        (Angie)
Brian        (Bunjy)
Chocolate        (Zak)
The snow is so white        (Adri)

Estella        (Anon.)
Red cloud        (Anon.)
Chicken        (Anon.)
Written        (Anon.)
Colleen        (Cookie)

there was a little girl named mary        (nicole)
who had a brother named larry        (Anon.)
they both had hair        (Anon.)
one red and one rare        (Bruh)
and hardy        (Anon.)

There was a girl named        (Moriah)
Who had a brother named        (Josiah)
Their brother was        (Tino)
Some called him        (Bambino)
He preferred        (Jedidiah )

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        (Anon.)
yall        (Anon.)
Whose feet gave off a real pong        (Ben)
So washed them all night long        (Anon.)
pork        (Anon.)

There a gent called        (Frame)
There one was a puppy named b        (Blake)
a man with a rake        (man)
hello        (Sue)
jk;adfaf        (Anon.)

mike        (Anon.)
Toil        (English )
Fool        (Anon.)
Cool        (Anon.)
Foil        (Anon.)

There once was a boy named Blake        (Anon.)
he ate a lot of cake        (Jen)
Ha was so full        (bekah)
Atleast his night wasnt dull        (Anon.)
Ben        (Anon.)

There Was a women named        (Mama)
There Was a women named        (Oljk)
There Was a women named        (Oljk)
Yuy        (Anon.)
Ghtu        (Uju)

There once was a man named        (Moud)
There was a boy named        (Raul)
There once was a Girl named        (Sarah)
Their        (Anon.)
There Was a women named        (Mama)

It's the month of May        (babs)
So we just want to say        (Anon.)
where has time gone        (Anon.)
that sounds like a song        (Anon.)
maybe it was kanye?        (Anon.)

Hello all        (Anon.)
there was once a young girl called Jock        (Jock)
Tina        (Anon.)
Who carried her change in a sock        (Anon.)
It's the month of May        (Anon.)

There once was a boy called        (Hoggy)
on a special night at boggy        (Anon.)
he had a big time        (Anon.)
he had a big time        (anjo)
He had a big time        (Anon.)

My name is dylan        (Son of Satan)
Coco        (Anon.)
hello hello hello        (Madiha)
There once was a girl called (Frenchtoast)        (Anon.)
there once was a midwife        (miss Daynes)

The music and art teachers here        (Anon.)
asdsadasdasdas        (Anon.)
Making a pie        (Lyndi)
Homework is hard        (Son of Satan)
The music and art teachers here (Anon.) asdsadasdasdas (Anon.) Making a pie (Ly        (Son of Satan)

There were some friends from the city        (Joel)
who needed a menu with gusto        (Anon.)
The chicken way dry        (Anon.)
the catfish meowed        (Anon.)
and the party ended up at Arby's        (Anon.)

There was a young man        (James)
Jamie        (Anon.)
He whipped off his undies        (Anon.)
he cut his hair        (marni)
Whats for dinner        (Paublito)

france        (Anon.)
She quite often had too manny        (Jenny)
I loved her too much        (f2o)
He hated to play with makeup        (Jacob)
suck my dick        (sick)

There was once a woman named Catherine        (Catherine)
there was was a gilr called        (Leah)
One day he did quite well        (Jack)
there once was a girl named        (bailey)
Kenny        (Anon.)

There was a young teacher from Spain        (Ernie)
whose students were cocky and vain        (Ernie)
He exclaimed, "Oh hell!"        (Ernie)
"Their work's awful as well!"        (Ernie)
Which killed that young teacher from Spain.        (Ernie)

my favorite dinner        (Anon.)
just could'nt be finner        (Anon.)
there bread is just devine        (Anon.)
and if you add some red        (Ernie)

my mom's making dinner        (Anon.)

i wanted to bake a cake        (Anon.)
what kind of cake shall i make        (Anon.)
i need a good flavor        (Anon.)
somthing to savor        (Anon.)
i ve got it how about steak        (Anon.)

I once went to the beach        (M)
i sat down to eat a peach        (Anon.)
I sat on the shore        (Anon.)
with nothing to bore        (Anon.)
i sat were the tide could not reach        (Anon.)

There was a gem of ocean blue        (Scathy)
There once was a guy called        (Tom)
There once was a guy called        (turkey)
this rhyme is wrong said the cat in the hat this rhyme can not be made into a song        (Samantha)
F*RDTY FYJHMGBH        (Anon.)

There was an old lady called belly        (Mine )
Who would always shop at the deli        (Latchmi)
She would buy some bread        (Latchmi)
That was colored red        (Latchmi)
Which smelled like petroleum jelly        (Latchmi)

Popcorn bouncing around        (dsf)
With a humongous cracking sound        (sdsf)
But then we would say        (sdf)
Its called exploded matter, ok?        (dc)
There once was a girl who lived in tacoma        (Lala)

There once was a lazy panda        (Bhea)
There once was a man David moore        (Anon.)
There once was a man named stan        (Anon.)
there was a young girl called gemma        (burty)
And they all loved a good set of anal beads        (Anon.)

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