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Pronunciation: 'li-m&-rik, 'lim-rik
Function: noun
Etymology: Limerick, Ireland
: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of which lines 1, 2, and 5 are of 3 feet and lines 3 and 4 are of 2 feet with a rhyme scheme of aabba.

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Not sure of the meter? Sing the limerick to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock and see if it flows correctly.

Contributions that do not have the correct meter or rhyme will be removed — in a kind and caring fashion, of course. :-)

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pure joy        (Anon.)
Iron Man came to dublin        (Lee Whiley)
His name was Jude        (Poo)

HINT: Fourth line should have 4, 5, or 6 syllables and the last syllable should rhyme with the last syllable of line 3.

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Archive (latest 50 limericks) 

I like to lick        (Anon.)
Deez nuts        (Anon.)
fondle them        (Anon.)
smell them        (Anon.)
pure joy        (Anon.)

There was a lady called        (pony)
Deez nuts        (adfasdf)
who like dto suck        (adsf)
deez nhust        (Anon.)
ha gotte        (Anon.)

There was a lady named        (Kathryn)
Wanda        (Anon.)
who liked to pet dogs        (dave)
Tracy        (Anon.)
Got a Taxi Home from Mr Singh        (Jamaal)

There was an RE teacher called Mike        (Mr Fart)
there was a boy called harry        (Mr.smiley)
Ma nigga        (Anon.)
kvjvlo8ihhlkhjk        (Anon.)
POOOOOOP        (Anon.)

There was a white boy called        (Beati)
Andy        (Anon.)
ray        (ray)
You are all terrible        (bob)
Nijmegen        (Anon.)

There was a young lady called        (Sara)
LINDA        (MIKE)
WHO SAT IN THE WIDA        (Anon.)
there once was a man called        (ben)

there once was a girl named        (debbie)
Poo        (Jack)
Stephen        (Beave)
Abi        (Anon.)
LINDA        (Anon.)

as the moon orbits earth        (Anon.)
There once was a man called Randy, whose imaginary friend was called        (Andy)
Sandy she always farted        (Adsl)
The moon died        (Roo)
sara        (sara)

ther was ayoung woman called june        (Anon.)
There was a woman called clara        (Anon.)
there was a trainer called Martin        (Anon.)
Dick        (Anon.)

sadfa        (asdf)
asdf        (asdf)
asdfasd        (fasdfasdf)
sdfasdfsadf        (sadfasdf)
asdfasdf        (asdfasdf)

There once was a pen        (BOB)
qwwd        (www)
Tracy        (Wales)
John Boy        (Master od Disaster)
asdf        (asdf)

There once was an Okie named        (Georgia)
who liked a bully named        (Soljah)
Chokey        (Joshua)
deez nuts        (jeff)
drunk as usual your beloved        (Bobby)

There once was a girl named        (Evie)
Sarah        (Anon.)
junny        (pitu)
Nicky        (Nicky)
There once was a boy called        (Sam)

there once was a man named        (neril)
Seth        (Anon.)
In 1975 boy Nate was born        (Anon.)
He grew up where they grew wheat not corn\        (Anon.)
There once was a man called simon        (Anon.)

There once was two bestfriends named Mike and Nick        (Anon.)
They both knew they wanted to build things made of brick        (Anon.)
They got started youung        (Anon.)
Their heads never hung        (Anon.)
At the end both sucked a        (dick)

Labron James Nba basketball player        (Cleveland)
Court alll star champion        (Anon.)
Cleveland ring coach        (Anon.)
Jersey goal score        (Anon.)
Win fans        (Anon.)

There once was a millwright named larry        (Anon.)
who said he a lot to carry        (Anon2)
But maybe he lied        (Greg)
Until he cried        (deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
Liar Liar Pants on Fire        (deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

ef        (Anon.)
penis        (jade)
i love celery        (Anon.)
cargf        (Anon.)
who is this bitch anon        (Anon.)

There was a young lady named Beverly        (Anon.)
she is known to quite like some celery        (Anon.)
often out walking and does enjoy talking        (Anon.)
hi        (Will)
mmm celery        (vitch)

There once was a man called Brian        (Anon.)
who was s really quite scared of a lion        (Froggy)
fxczd        (dasdasd)
i likefood        (Anon.)
cleverly        (Beverly )

Define Problem        (Anon.)
Her hair had a real nice sheen        (thequillguy)
His dick was too small to use        (Gabe )
highfield teracy test        (tey)
linda boland        (Anon.)

There was a girl named sandy        (Anon.)
who after a pint could get quite randy        (Anon.)
its the day of her birth        (Anon.)
She'd say bottoms up        (Anon.)
There was a girl called        (Debbie)

There was a great brand called chilli peeps        (Anon.)
school        (odhran)
There is a great golfer named charles        (Anon.)
There was an old man named paddison        (Pado)
there was a Bride called Rebecca        (Becky)

I'm looking for somewhere to rent        (Anon.)
there once was a woman from candy        (Anon.)
who was prone to be vulgar and randy        (wiggott)
Heidelberg        (Girl )
There was a lady called Christine        (Anon.)

i know a lady called Veronica        (Anon.)
Een jobstudent uit zwaneven        (Anon.)
I live in a village called quy        (Anon.)
There was a young lady from Quy        (Anon.)
it's the itchy and scratchy show!        (Anon.)

There was once was a girl        (Sheree)
called margaret        (marg)
Mike        (Mike)
End of discussion        (Anon.)
veronica        (Anon.)

To sit in the cool night does not hurt        (Anon.)
shprefered stabilo to bic        (vic)
His insides were frieded        (Tom)
There was a young woman from Eire        (Anon.)
Hayley how        (Anon.)

There was a mother named lynda        (Anon.)
who had a profile on Tinder        (Anon.)
there once was a lass named linda        (Anon.)
happy birthday mam        (kerry)
All the animals gave her likes        (sykes)

There was young Lawyer called Proudman        (no)
who took Umbridge at the front of an oldman.        (no)
She went off her shitter and got straight on twitter        (yes)
Tibo is een computer en woont in het lan van puber        (Anon.)
One could say it was mint to be        (Sammy)

It is Angelas birthday today        (Miss Bush)
there is a huge population        (Anon.)
fucked        (Anon.)
misandric impulse        (dad)
Of a lawyer        (dad)

vagina        (Anon.)
penis        (Anon.)
was only 18        (Anon.)
naked        (Anon.)
fucked in the ass        (Josh Vilinsky)

There once was a young girl called Lindy        (Anon.)
jessie        (Anon.)
that reached th e age of 21        (Anon.)
Who loved cous cous        (BETH)
jeff        (Anon.)

I see all upon my tall toweron        (Sauron)
He liked to recieve a little spank        (Hank)
so i pulled out my plank        (Anon.)
and fucked them with a large ass dick        (cunts)
He ended up being analy violated        (Herm dog)

There was a girl who went to monhegan        (Anon.)
Go Rick Ponting        (Anon.)
Grandmother        (Anon.)
Grandmother        (awd)
there once was a girl named        (Taylor)

There once was an angel called Duke,        (Cosychops)
Who's cookery skills made me puke,        (Trumpet lover)
So whilst up in Heaven,        (GodChap)
(Which is quite close to Devon),        (Anon.)
I blew up his kichen by nuke.        (Endof Days)

I have a dog named Max        (Anon.)
There was a fine yacht named        (Kiapa)
He veered, veered, and veered        (wes)
His nosed curled as he sneered        (Beermonster)
As a canine his nostrils were shamed        (Anon.)

There was a place called        (Death Valley)
Where temperatures rose above        (ninety)
parched        (radiators)
To celebrate his maturing out on the vine        (Julie)
Y        (Anon.)

He offered to host if we bring the wine        (Tom)
Nothing too shabby to tickle his tastebuds        (Anon.)
They settled on Lido is where we should dine        (Anon.)
To celebrate his maturing out on the vine        (Anon.)
God know why his invited us studs        (Anon.)

Oh how I love samosas        (A-Money)
You should lick Deez Nuts        (Akeeb)
Oh how i live in osmosis        (Anon.)
you shouldnt lick a president candidate        (swaggy)
There once was a guy called Phil        (Anon.)

there was a group of boys from year 3        (Anon.)
there was a sales lady called sue        (Anon.)
there was a man with a can        (Cameron)
he gave me his right hand        (Cameron)
he took me to the zoo        (Cameron)

There was a limerick that made sense.        (Anon.)
But then he ate a fence.        (Lima)
He got a big mace,        (Troller)
And fell flat on his face,        (Troller)
And the limerick became dense.        (LoL)

There once was a rabbit named Louie        (CJ)
Who had an owner called Kablooie        (Anonymous)
He ate some grass        (Niece)
Very, very fast        (Niece)
And the grass's name is Sooie        (CJ)

There was a young girl named        (Beki)
there was an old man named brad        (Anon.)
He left his house        (CJ)
To eat a mouse        (CJ)
And then he became very sad.        (CJ)

There once was a staff picnic        (catherine)
There once was a girl named        (Lisa)
port elliot show        (harriet)
There was a young man called Simon        (Anon.)
there once was a girl named        (miranda)

there once was a flag        (Anon.)
which represented the slags        (Anon.)
this reminds us of metal        (Anon.)
you could make a petal        (Anon.)
but id rather have a wag        (Anon.)

think that all people should rise up and create Socialist Republics, which would be ruled by the Pa        (Anon.)
and all people from all lands should be friends, and free to move, reside, work live and love where        (Anon.)
it was very intriguing        (Anon)
anya was too fast        (Anon.)
and laughed without a care        (Anon.)

There once was a man called maxx chewing        (Ed)
Think        (Anon.)
His own dick while his cum was spewing        (Anon.)
there once was a girl        (paula)
He left it in the kitchen sink        (Jordan)

Kerrie        (Christopher)
See it here and see it there        (Ashleigh )
Gemma        (Anon.)
With his big fat shlong        (James)
Who had a big shlong        (James)

The day I joined WI        (Anon.)
my friends sent me a wind up clock        (beer)
who hands were broken and NI        (moron)
kristy        (Anon.)
There was a young woman from VMware        (Anon.)

There was a man from St Pauls        (karma)
Whole loved touring concert halls        (paul)
His fa orite trick was to stand on his dick        (karma)
And roll of the stage on his balls !        (darn)
boob boom        (rewsd)

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